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License Shark Entity Formation & Business Licensing

Do your clients have the need for business licensing or entity formation?  If so, you can partner with License Shark!

Partnership options include our convenient White Labeled service, and paid commission on sales.  License Shark gives you the option to either up-sell our services to your clients and brand everything with your logo, or send them directly to us for a commission.

It’s that easy.  Simply sign up via our contact form and a member of our team will schedule a call to gather more details on partnering with your business.  If you qualify, you can also become a License Shark Trusted Partner and offer your services to our clients via an exclusive offer.

Your customers need our service, our customers need your service.  Let’s work together.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does this whole process work?

We make the whole process nice and simple.  Start by filling out our partner form below so that we can identify any leads that come from your company.  From here, a member of our team will contact you for more information on your business.  Any time you sign up a new business, just send us an email or have them reference your business at set up.  That’s it!

3. What is the ‘white labeled’ service?

Our White Labeled service allows you to provide our same services to your customers at a higher price.  You can make automated income from simply outsourcing your entity formation and business licensing to us.

5.  How much do partners get paid for referrals?

Every time your clients use our services, we pay you a commission.  We offer a 20% commission when your customers sign up, plus a 10% residual commission each time they renew or upgrade service with us.

2. How long does it take?

Once you fill out our partner form, you can start referring our services right away.  License Shark will pay commission to your business in monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or yearly installments, depending on your arrangement made with your account manager.

4. Why should I use License Shark?

Our team of licensing professionals form hundreds of entities each month.  Laws vary from state to state, so having a team of legal professionals assist with filing your paperwork is always a good idea.  Additionally, License Shark can form entities, apply for licenses and research compliance faster than any other online licensing company out there!

6.  Is there a limit on commission?

There is no limit on how much commission you can collect.  No matter how many entities you sign up with License Shark, we will still continue to pay you regardless of the amount.  When you grow, we grow!

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