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$9999/plus state fees

  • LLC Formation
  • Business License Setup/Research
  • All Paperwork Gathered
  • You File
  • Everything Needed To Start Your Business


$29999/year plus state fees

  • LLC Formation
  • Business License Setup/Research (up to 2)
  • Yearly Registered Agent Service
  • All Paperwork Gathered
  • We File Paperwork
  • Compliance/License Renewal Management
  • DBA Filing
  • Complete Start Up Package

What is an LLC?

A limited liability company, commonly called an “LLC,” is a business structure that combines the pass-through taxation of a partnership or sole proprietorship with the limited liability of a corporation.

When looking at business types, many business owners choose to form a limited liability company (LLC). Creating an LLC is a good way to “wall off” your personal assets from your company’s liabilities, offering protection for your personal assets in the event of a judgment against your business. For this reason, forming an LLC is a better fit for many owners than a sole proprietorship or a general partnership.

Choosing an LLC

LLC (Limited Liability Company) provides limited liability protection to their owners (called members). Typically, owners are not personally responsible for business debts and liabilities of the limited liability company so creditors cannot pursue owners’ personal assets to pay business debts.

A limited liability company (LLC) also has certain tax advantages. The business itself is not responsible for taxes on its profits. Instead, the LLC’s owners, known as “members,” report their share of business profit and loss on their personal tax returns, similar to tax reporting for a general partnership. This is known as “pass-through” taxation.

What is the difference between an LLC and a Corporation?

LLC’s will typically have fewer formalities and legal requirements.  For example, you do not have to hold formal meetings or keep records every company decision.  An LLC has an easy set up, and allows you to get your business up and running right away.

A corporation is suggestible if the business owner plans to raise outside capital from investors.  Corporations have stricter formalities to keep investors informed of where their money is going.  Forming a corporation is perfect for business owners who plan to take their companies public in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does this whole process work?

We make the whole process nice and simple.  Start by picking a package above.  This pricing includes our research fee to get everything started.  Once your licensing information is researched, our team compiles a package of every legal document you need to file.  Then, you have the choice to file them yourself, or to have us do it for a small fee.

3. I have a business already.  Can you just get my business licenses for me?

Yes we can!  If you have an existing business and would like us to file for your licenses, and/or provide compliance services, we can do this for a small yearly fee.  See our “Business License Packages” for more details.

5. What are the additional fees mentioned?

Each state has different costs for establishing entities and applying for business licenses.  Aside from your initial charge, you will only be billed for filing fees and any added services that you decide to use during the process.

2. How long does it take?

Researching your documents can take as little as 24-48 hours depending on the number of licenses needed.  Once filed, it depends on the state you are forming your business in.  By using License Shark, you are ensured that all documents are filed right the first time and expedited so that you can start making money with your business sooner.

4. Why should I use License Shark?

Our team of licensing professionals form hundreds of entities each month.  Laws vary from state to state, so having a team of legal professionals assist with filing your paperwork is always a good idea.  Additionally, License Shark can form entities, apply for licenses and research compliance faster than any other online licensing company out there!

6. Do you accept credit cards?

Yes.  You can use your credit card to check out online.  If you have a PayPal account, you can also use that at check out to complete your purchase.

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