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Business License Assessment Service

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If you currently own a business and need to know if you have all the necessary licenses, our license assessment service will ensure that you are operating legally with all of the needed permits and licenses.

Our Business License Assessment Service is a simple, three step process. Once you complete the check out process, a member of our team will reach out to get more information about your business. Once completed, we send you the additional permits and licenses needed for your business.  You can also choose to have us file them for you using our business license filing service.

Don’t get fined for operating without the proper business licenses.  Let License Shark assess your business licenses today.

Easy as 1-2-3

1. Choose your business licensing package.

2. Use our online check out to purchase your package.

3. A member of our team will contact you to finalize the details for your licenses.


What business licenses do I need?

Almost every new business needs some form of business license and/or permit in order to do business.  Some states require separate licenses for each city and county you do business in.  This can add up to quite a few licenses, and each industry has its own unique licenses and permits.

To find out exactly what business licenses you need, we offer Business License Research and Business License Assessment packages to get you all of the paperwork needed to file your licenses.  From here, you can choose to use our business license filing service, or file them manually with the Secretary of State.

When do I renew my business license?

Each business license has its own unique time frame for renewal.  Avoid costly fines that come with missed renewal dates by using our business license compliance service.  License Shark’s compliance service ensures that all licenses are renewed up to two months before the deadline.  We make sure your business is always in compliance.

How do I start service with License Shark?

Starting services is simple with License Shark.  Choose the business licensing or entity formation package that best suits your needs and complete the check out process.  From here, a member of our licensing team will contact you to get more details on your business.

What is business license assessment?

Business License Assessment is a service that ensures your business is legal and up to date with all necessary licenses.  We help clients to avoid fines, manage license renewals and stay up to date with any changes to current license requirements.

Our business license assessment package is a 3 part process that starts with you purchasing the package online.  From here, our staff will contact you to get some details about your business.  After that, we will compile a list of your current licenses and renewal dates, along with the additional license your business needs to stay legal.

It’s that easy!

How much does it cost?

Business License Assessment Services are $99 per company, per location.  That means that if your business is located in one place, your license assessment will cost $99.

If your business serves multiple cities, counties and states, more than one business license assessment may be needed.

Do I have to pay for filing too?

Yes.  Business license assessment only entails researching the vast number of licenses needed to run your business, along with ensuring your current licenses are up to date.  License Shark can file any additional licenses for you at a separate rate of $99 per license.


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Filing your business license with License Shark

Accuracy is important when filing a business license – that is why we guarantee your business licenses are filed correctly. The process begins with a few quick questions to determine important details about your business. After you’ve answered a few questions, your documents are created and filed with the Secretary of State. Once we receive your filed business licenses back from the state, we send them to you along with the rest of your documents. It’s as simple as that. In just three easy steps, you can protect your business from costly fines and compliance issues. Get the peace of mind you need when filing your business license by letting License Shark take care of the details while you focus on your business.